Charter School Closures

The commissioner has the authority to close charter schools that do not meet certain criteria.  For instance, charter schools that do not meet annual state academic and financial standards may be subject to closure.  A charter holder may also choose to close voluntarily, as well as close individual campuses.  

To determine if your school is closed, please review  Summary of Awards and Closures

Closed charter schools are managed by a TEA-appointed Board of Managers (BOM) who replace the governing board of the charter and exercise all powers and duties assigned to charter governing boards to oversee the management of the closed charter during the process of completing the closure process.   

Request Closed Charter Transcripts/Diplomas

The Education Service Center (ESC) Region XIII operates as the custodian of records for closed charter schools and personnel records throughout Texas. Complete the required form below and email it to the ESC Region XIII Records Specialist at  If the closed charter school was operated by an independent school district, contact the independent school district directly to obtain a copy of your student or personnel records. 

If the Records Specialist is not able to retrieve your records, you must submit a request to Texas Education Agency, Public Information Office to determine the disposition of your student or personnel records.  Complete the Public Information Request Form below or if you have questions, call 512-463-3464.

If you have additional questions regarding closed charter school records, contact ESC Region XIII, Records Specialist, Priscilla Diaz at or call 512-919-5418.

Meeting Notices 

Information will be posted here as closed charter Board of Managers provide meeting notices. 

Contact Information

If you have additional questions, contact the Division of Authorizing via email or by phone at (512) 463-9575.