LSG Leaderboard

The LSG Leaderboard lists the names of school systems whose boards have self-evaluated using the LSG Integrity Instrument (LSG Manual) in the past six months and score at the meets (minimum score of 60) or masters (minimum score of 85) level. School boards are also given designations showing the percentage of time they have invested in student outcomes during open meetings: one star for 10–24% of minutes, two stars for 25–49%, and three stars for 50% or greater.

It is strongly encouraged to work with a Lone Star Governance Coach (List of LSG Coaches) to continually improve behaviors in order to improve student outcomes. A Lone Star Governance Coach can provide training and on-going support to establish student outcome goals, communicate local values, and keep us all accountable to invest our time in monitoring student outcomes to help ensure progress for all students.

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Joining the LSG Leaderboard

The LSG Leaderboard is updated at the end of February, May, August, and November. School boards that are considered for the LSG Leaderboard submit an updated, LSG Coach-validated self-evaluation using the LSG Integrity Instrument to before the last calendar day of February, May, August, or November.