Public Education Grant

In 1995, the Texas Legislature created the Public Education Grant (PEG) program. It permits parents of children assigned to attend schools that meet certain criteria to request that their children transfer to other schools or other districts. Campuses that receive an F rating in both the Student Achievement domain and the School Progress domain in August 2019 will be on the 2020–21 PEG List.

    Each year, the Texas Education Agency releases a list of campuses that meet these two criteria. Known as the PEG List, it includes the name and number of each campus, the name of its district, and the reason for the campuses’ inclusion on the PEG list. On or before February 1 of each year, every district must notify the parents of students assigned to a campus on the PEG list of their eligibility to request a transfer. The final PEG List (PDF) is now available. 

    Districts that accept these transfer students (known as PEG transfers) receive weighted funding for each PEG transfer.

    An extensive frequently asked questions document provides details of the PEG program.

    Please direct questions concerning the PEG program or the methodology used to identify schools to Performance Reporting at (512) 463-9704 or

    Please direct questions regarding the funding implications of the program to the State Funding Division at (512) 463-9238 or