2017 Accountability Manual

The 2017 Accountability Manual is now available. According to the administrative rule-making time line, Chapters 2–9 are scheduled to be effective on June 27, 2017. The Summary of Changes document explains the changes that were made from the proposed manual (posted in April) and the final, adopted manual.

Because 2017 performance index targets are included in “Chapter 2 – Ratings Criteria and Index Targets,” the 2017 Accountability Manual does not contain Appendix L.

All files are PDFs.

 2017 Accountability Manual (174 pages), posted 6/9/2017 

Chapters 2–9,  posted 6/9/2017

By Chapter

Chapter 1—Introduction, posted 5/12/2017
Chapter 2—Ratings Criteria and Index Targets, posted 6/9/2017
Chapter 3—Performance Index Construction, posted 6/9/2017
Chapter 4—Performance Index Indicators, posted 6/9/2017
Chapter 5—Distinction Designations, posted 6/9/2017
Chapter 6—Other Accountability System Processes, posted 6/9/2017
Chapter 7—Appealing the Ratings, posted 6/9/2017
Chapter 8—System Safeguards and Other Federal Requirements, posted 6/9/2017
Chapter 9—Responsibilities and Consequences, posted 6/9/2017
Chapter 10—Calendar, posted 5/12/2017
Appendix A—Acknowledgments, posted 5/12/2017
Appendix B—ESC Contacts, posted 5/12/2017 
Appendix C—Statutory References, posted 5/12/2017 
Appendix D—Accountability Glossary, posted 5/12/2017 
Appendix E—TEASE Accountability, posted 5/12/2017 
Appendix F—Accountability Reports, posted 5/12/2017 
Appendix G—Inclusion or Exclusion of Performance Data, posted 5/12/2017 
Appendix H—Campus Comparison Groups,  posted 5/12/2017 
Appendix I—Inclusion of ELLs in 2017, posted 5/12/2017 
Appendix J—Accountability System Reports, posted 5/12/2017
Appendix K—Data Sources, posted 5/23/2017 

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