2016 Performance Index Frequency Distributions

The frequency distributions of the performance indexes evaluated in the 2016 state accountability ratings are provided below for informational purposes only.
Each frequency distribution table provides the number and percent of schools that received a particular index score. Frequency distribution tables are shown for each campus type (elementary, middle, high school/multi-grade schools) and across all campuses for both alternative education accountability (AEA) and non-AEA campuses, where applicable.
The Index 2 campus-level frequency distributions identify the fifth percentile of campus performance statewide that determined the 2016 performance index targets, as described in Chapter 2 and Appendix L of the 2016 Accountability Manual.  The campus-level frequency distributions for Index 1, Index 3, and Index 4 and the district-level frequency distributions are provided for additional information only.

2016 State Accountability: Frequency Distributions of Index Scores