Salary and Service FAQ's

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding salary and service record questions.

 1. Where can I get a copy of my service record?
The TEA does not maintain or have access to your service records. You must contact your previous employing school districts to obtain a copy of your service record. If you have earned service at more than one district, you will need to contact each district for a copy of the service record.

 2. I worked at a charter school and it has closed, how do I obtain my service record?
If the charter school was not taken over by another charter or school district, then you will need to contact the Region 13 Educational Service Center and use their Programs & Services option to submit a Charter School Records Request.

 3. How can I find out how many years of service I have towards retirement?
You must contact the Teacher Retirement System of Texas for information about retirement.

 4. Does TEA review my service record for salary increment purposes?
TEA does not review service records for salary increment purposes; this is the responsibility of your employing school district.

5. My service record shows ‘0’ for my first year of service even though I have completed that first year. Why isn’t it changed to a ‘1’?
The service record reflects the service that you begin the year with. The next year will reflect that you begin that year with 1 year of completed service.
6. Who do I contact if I believe there is an error on my service record?
You must contact the district you believe made the error.