Dyslexia Requirements for Educator Preparation Programs

Educator preparation programs (EPPs) must prepare candidates to meet the educational needs of students with dyslexia. This page contains information on dyslexia requirements for EPPs.

Educator Preparation Programs Curriculum Information

All candidates completing an EPP, seeking initial certification in any certification class, must receive instruction in the detection and education of students with dyslexia as required in the Texas Education Code (see TEC §21.044(b)) and the Texas Administrative Code (see TAC §228.30(c)(2)). The instruction must:

  • be developed by a panel of experts in the diagnosis and treatment of dyslexia who are:
    • employed by institutions of higher education; and
    • approved by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC).
  • include information on:
    • characteristics of dyslexia;
    • identification of dyslexia; and
    • effective, multisensory strategies for teaching students with dyslexia.

    TEALearn’s dyslexia course meets the requirements in TEC §21.044(c) , and the purpose of the course is to empower educators to serve and advocate for students with or at risk for dyslexia. The course was developed in coordination with faculty from the University of Texas at Austin, Meadows Center as well as Lehigh University; further, the course was reviewed and approved by the SBEC-approved panel of experts. The course also meets the requirements in TEC § 21.054(b)for continuing education requirements for educators who teach students with dyslexia.

    TEALearn’s dyslexia course is FREE and consists of four modules (see below) that include training regarding new research and practices in educating students with dyslexia.

    • Module 1: Learn more about what dyslexia is and how it impacts student learning.
    • Module 2: Explore effective schoolwide practices for the identification and support of students with dyslexia.
    • Module 3: Learn more about how to support students with dyslexia in the classroom through systematic, explicit, and evidence-based instruction designed to meet the needs of students with dyslexia.
    • Module 4: Reflect on your learning, create a personal action plan, and review resources.

    To access TEALearn’s dyslexia course, please go to TEA Learn and type ‘dyslexia’ in the search bar. Then
    select the course, TEA Dyslexia, and select ‘Enroll.’

    • For candidates who have not yet been issued an intern, probationary, or standard certificate, please follow the steps below to enroll in the course:
    1. Enter fields for first, middle (optional), and last name
    2. Enter and verify email address
    3. For TEA Uniq-ID, select ‘I don’t have one’
    4. For District/Charter, select ‘I don’t have one’
    5. For Current Assignment/Role, select ‘Certification Program Candidate’
    6. Finally, select ‘Enroll in course’
      • NOTE: Before you can access the course, you will need to ‘finish the registration process’ (i.e., set up a new account with a password), which will be sent to you via the email address you entered and verified at the time of registration. After setting up your TEALearn account, you will ‘Access Your Dashboard’ to ‘Begin Course.’

    If you need technical assistance please submit a TEALearn Help Desk ticket. For dyslexia course content questions, please send an email to specialeducation@tea.texas.gov.

    Dyslexia Information Available on the TEA Website

    The following materials provide more information on dyslexia and dyslexia education for EPP candidates:

    Note: This is not a TEA-endorsed list but is intended to provide additional sources for information about dyslexia and related disorders. Additional centers may be available in your area.