Teacher Incentive Allotment Designations

House Bill 3 established the Teacher Incentive Allotment, whereby outstanding Texas teachers can earn a designation – a distinction awarded to highly effective public school teachers. A public search is available for designated teachers to access their virtual certificate. The designation will also be displayed on the SBEC educator certificate for designated teachers that hold one. The three levels of designation are Recognized, Exemplary, and Master.

Teacher Incentive Allotment Designations: Recognized, Exemplary, and Master

Texas teachers may earn a designation through: 

  1. A local teacher designation system. Approved school districts can issue designations to high performing teachers who meet locally established criteria. Designations issued by a district system are valid for five full school years. 
  2. National Board certification. National Board Certified Teachers employed as public school teachers with an active National Board certificate may earn an automatic Recognized designation. The designation for National Board teachers will expire on July 31 following the expiration of the National Board certificate. 

Designations may be revoked if:

  • The teacher receives a sanction which results in suspension of the teaching certificate. In the case of a sanction, an unexpired designation will be reactivated when the teaching certificate is reinstated. The original expiration date will still apply. 
  • The teacher is listed in the Do Not Hire registry.
  • The issuing district’s designation system was revoked.
  • The teacher’s National Board certificate is revoked.
  • TEA determines the designation was issued improperly.

Teacher Incentive Allotment Funding

Teacher designations will generate annual allotment funds for their district if:

  • The designated teacher is reported as a 087 teacher Role ID in Class Roster Winter Submission. 
  • The designated teacher was employed by the district for a creditable year of service and was compensated for that employment. A creditable year of service is defined as 90 days at 100% of the day (equivalent to four and one-half months or a full semester) or 180 days at 50-99% of the day. 

Allotments are recalculated annually and tied to the designated teacher’s campus of employment as of the last Friday in February. The allotment funding generated by a designation is calculated based on the teacher’s level of designation as well as the campus’ socioeconomic and rural status. Allotments ranges for each level of designation are:

  • Recognized: $3,000K-$9,000K
  • Exemplary: $6,000K-18,000K
  • Master: $12,000K-$32,000K

TIA funding is issued to districts. Districts are notified of annual allotments in April and must expend the funds by August 31. Districts must develop a local spending plan for allotment funds. 90% or more of the funds must be spent on teacher compensation on the campus where the designated teacher worked. The district may choose to reserve up to 10% to support the designation system or to support teachers in getting designated. The percentage of allotment funds awarded directly to the designated teacher is a local decision and will vary by district. 

If you have questions or concerns about your district’s local designation system or spending plan, please contact your district administration.

 If you have general questions about your designation or the Teacher Incentive Allotment, please visit TIAtexas.org or email TIA@tea.texas.gov.