STAAR Redesign Resources for Districts

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The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) test is being redesigned to make the test more tightly aligned to the classroom experience.  

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Below are resources for districts to use in communicating information about the redesigned STAAR to parents and teachers. 

Material for Districts to Communicate with Parents

One-pager about STAAR

Use these one-pagers to provide a simple explanation about STAAR for parents. Using printable PDFs is an easy way to send the information home with students. The PDFs are already accessible for posting on your district website. 

One-pager about STAAR Reporting Timeline

These printable and accessible one-pagers provide details about key dates relating to scoring, final results, and STAAR Report Cards.



Online accommodations for the STAAR Redesign 

This video helps parents understand the robust accommodations available on the online testing platform students will use when taking the STAAR test.

Alojamiento en línea para estudiantes

Este video ayuda a los padres a entender las adaptaciones robustas disponibles en la plataforma de pruebas en línea que usarán los estudiantes cuando tomen la prueba STAAR.

STAAR Redesign Social Media Templates

Below are sample images and sample text for you to use in your communication to families about the upcoming STAAR administration. The proposed copy reflects what parents have said is important information parents and students should know. You can download the images and text for your own use, or use them a reference points in developing your own social media posts about STAAR.

Sample Posts







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Material for Districts to Train Teachers

STAAR redesign training materials for districts

Earlier this year, districts received professional development materials to assist them in training teachers to better understand how STAAR aligns with high-quality classroom instruction. Districts are encouraged to continue their efforts to build educator understanding about the redesigned STAAR test.

STAAR redesign training materials in the Texas Assessment Learning Management System

District Testing Coordinators can also provide teachers with access to the Learning Management System (LMS) where teachers can learn more about STAAR with a self-paced approach through short training modules.

A New Logo for STAAR

Click on the image to open a link to the full-size high-resolution logo for download.

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