Residential Facilities Monitoring Workgroup

As an adopted recommendation of the Rider 70 report, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) conducted a series of three stakeholder meetings focused specifically on Residential Facility (RF) monitoring.

These meetings included consideration of any recommendations for further aligning the RF monitoring system with the overall performance-based monitoring system. Any recommendation accepted must ensure that TEA continues to meet its ongoing obligation to implement a monitoring system that addresses the unique circumstances of students with disabilities residing in residential facilities. It also ensure that students with disabilities, including those who reside in residential facilities, are provided a free, appropriate, public education.

All aspects of the RF monitoring system were reviewed, including:

  • History of the RF monitoring
  • Lessons learned from RF monitoring
  • Characteristics of an appropriate education for students with disabilities residing in RFs 
  • Types of facilities
  • Data systems
  • How effective programs demonstrate implementation of characteristics of an appropriate education for RF students
  • How to monitor the implementation of the characteristics of an appropriate education for RF students
  • Selection criteria
  • Indicators
  • Interventions

Residential Facility Monitoring Meeting Materials

Below are resources provided to the work group committee members at each meeting, as well as feedback the committee members provided to the TEA. 

February 4-5, 2015, RF Monitoring Meeting

March 24-25, 2015, RF Monitoring Meeting

April 29-30, RF Monitoring Meeting