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This page provides college admissions testing, including SAT and ACT, participation and performance data for annual graduates by race/ethnicity, gender, economic status, program participation (bilingual or English as a second language, career and technical education concentrator, gifted and talented, Section 504special education, and Title I), and other student characteristics (at-risk, dyslexia, emergent bilingual student/English learner, foster care, homeless, immigrant, migrant, and military-connected).  The Division of Research and Analysis masks some data to comply with federal regulations concerning student privacy, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

For additional information about college admissions testing participation and performance in Texas public schools as well as participation and performance in Texas and the United States for public and nonpublic schools combined, please see the class of 2021 reports published by TEA.

Data Search

Select from the following to view or download a statewide report or a report for a single campus, district, or education service center (ESC) region:

Data Downloads

The Excel (.xlsx) files below include SAT/ACT data by race/ethnicity, gender, economic status, and other student groups (e.g., at-risk and special education). The SAT files include only campuses and districts with at least one SAT examinee. The ACT files include only campuses and districts with at least one ACT examinee. The combined SAT/ACT files include campuses and districts with at least one SAT or ACT examinee. Each file includes four worksheets that can be accessed using the tabs at the bottom of the workbook. In addition to the dataset, each workbook also provides an overview of the data as well as a record layout that defines the variable names in the dataset and a data dictionary that defines the by-group names in the dataset. For additional information about terms in the data files, please see the class of 2021 SAT/ACT glossary of terms. To download an Excel file, please click one of the following links.

Campus Files District Files
SAT campus-level data (XLSX) SAT district-level data (XLSX)
ACT campus-level data (XLSX) ACT district-level data (XLSX)
SAT/ACT campus-level data (XLSX) SAT/ACT district-level data (XLSX)




Contact Information

For questions or comments, please email the Division of Research and Analysis, or contact the division by phone at 512-475-3523.


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