Strategic Support Plan 2019-2020

To support local education agencies (LEAs) closing achievement gaps associated with Results Driven Accountability (RDA) performance levels, as proposed, and IDEA compliance, the Division of Review and Support will transition continuous improvement efforts in RDA performance levels and any corrective actions for non-compliance to be embedded within a single template titled the Strategic Support Plan (SSP).

The purpose of the Strategic Support Plan (formerly the Targeted Improvement Plan) is to guide local education agencies (LEAs) through the process of prioritizing RDA performance levels demonstrating need for improvement as well as State Performance Plan (SPP) items that demonstrate the same need. The SSP is not a substitute to fulfill requirements of the Effective Schools Framework determined by accountability nor any targeted improvement plan required through the ESF process. The Strategic Support Plan is designed to assist LEAs to address areas of growth that will positively impact student outcomes associated solely with RDA performance levels and SPP corrective actions. The Strategic Support Plan is a tool used annually as part of an LEAs continuous improvement process to prioritize essential program elements, clear timelines, milestones, metrics, and task owners. When implemented with fidelity, the Strategic Support Plan (SSP) will cultivate an environment that promotes student outcomes while addressing the root causes of low performance related to RDA performance levels and/or SPP compliance.

The process of developing the Strategic Support Plan has eight (8) steps:

  1. Review Sources of Data
  2. Identify Priority Areas
  3. Develop Problem Statement(s)
  4. Conduct Root Cause Analysis
  5. Define Annual Goal(s)
  6. Develop Strategies for Implementation
  7. Define Implementation Activities
  8. Monitor and Report Progress

During the 2019-2020 academic year, LEAs will have the flexibility to use a locally determined format to minimize the planning burden.

LEAs may use the following templates for the 2019-2020 academic year:

  1. Strategic Support Plan (SSP) template aligned with the Differentiated Monitoring and Support System (DMS) (available online for uploading in ISAM 11-11-19)
  2. Targeted Improvement Plan template (available in ISAM)


  1. Add improvement plan language to pre-existing planning documents used within the LEA.

SSPs are to be submitted to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) in the Intervention Stage and Activity Manager (ISAM) by February 7, 2020. LEAs will retain information used during the data analysis and only submit to TEA if requested.

Corrective Action Plan document can be located in ISAM through the TEAL application.

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