School Counseling - Job Description & Evaluation

Job Duties and Evaluations

Professional School Counselors are educators who have master’s degrees and a state school counselor certification. School Counselors provide specialized counseling and guidance as outlined in The Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs

It is important to avoid evaluating school counselors according to criteria developed for classroom teachers or other educational professionals.

Districts must reference TEC §33.006 School Counselor: General Duties, to establish a School Counselor job description and evaluation tool. Counselors are expected to spend 80 percent of their time implementing a comprehensive school counseling program unless otherwise prescribed in local school board policy. Duties outside the scope of duties established in the Texas Education Code, §33.006, should be limited to 20 percent or less of the counselor's responsibilities. Below are links to some helpful school counseling evaluation tools and statutes.

Evaluation Tools and Laws: