CRIMSI Local Implementation

CRIMSI Local Implementation is a “training of trainers” model that provides professional learning directly to coaches and leaders to redeliver to teachers locally.

Planning and Progress Monitoring Supports

Pre-implementation planning prepares districts for high-fidelity implementation of the instructional materials.

During pre-implementation planning, districts receive differentiated supports based on an implementation readiness assessment of system- and school-level assurances (e.g., following the year-long scope and sequence, meeting the minimum number of instructional minutes, using the curriculum-embedded assessments, providing access to print and digital materials, ensuring sufficient planning time). Supports include 1:1 consultations to provide targeted technical assistance. 

During the school year, leaders will engage in check-ins focused on monitoring implementation progress through cycles of continuous improvement, in addition to beginning-of-year and mid-year consultations.

High-Quality Professional Learning (HQPL)

Administrators and coaches receive ongoing HQPL for the full implementation year. Onboarding and ongoing HQPL is provided directly by TEA to leaders, coaches, and teachers through asynchronous learning modules and live virtual communities of practice. 

  • Leader HQPL includes an introduction to the instructional materials, as well as sessions on topics such as district- and campus-level systems and change management. Leader HQPL is approximately 10 hours, with live virtual sessions available in May or July.
  • Coach HQPL includes an introduction to the instructional materials, onboarding sessions on topics such as unit and lesson internalization, and ongoing professional learning about topics such as lesson rehearsals, student work analysis, and observation and feedback cycles. Coach HQPL is approximately 24 hours, with live virtual onboarding sessions available in May or July, and asynchronous learning modules and live virtual communities of practice from September to February.

In CRIMSI Local Implementation, HQPL for teachers is provided locally by LEA leaders and coaches with support from TEA in a “training of trainers” model. LEAs have access to the same asynchronous learning modules for teachers as CRIMSI but have flexibility on when they complete modules. Teachers also participate in the same communities of practice as CRIMSI but are facilitated in-person locally by leaders and coaches. 

Senior district leaders (e.g., Superintendents, Chief Academic Officers, Chief School Officers) will also join monthly live virtual communities of practice.  

Data Collection

TEA collects data to inform the continuous improvement of instructional materials and implementation supports. Data collection includes 15-minute surveys for leaders and coaches throughout the year. Coaches will also submit additional 15-minute surveys on the internalization, rehearsal, and student work analysis protocols, as well as conduct two observations. 


Coaches will receive $1,500 stipends for completing all requirements. Coaches will also receive 30+ continuing professional education hours. 

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