English Language Proficiency Standards Review


The State Board of Education (SBOE) has authority for the review and adoption of the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS). SBOE members nominate individuals to serve on the review work groups. The SBOE initially began the review and revision process for the ELPS in 2019. The ELPS review was paused in 2020 and resumed in 2023. This page provides information regarding the review and revision of the ELPS.

ELPS Review 2023–2024

    Final Recommendations, June 2024

    In May and June 2024, TEA convened ELPS review work groups to review feedback and finalize their recommendations. To view work group final recommendations, click on the item to download the PDF. The SBOE is scheduled to consider proposed new ELPS for first reading and filing authorization at its June 2024 meeting.

    Draft Recommendations, March 2024

    In fall 2023, TEA began convening ELPS review work groups to review and develop recommendations for revision to the ELPS writers’ draft. To view work group draft recommendations, click on the item to download the PDF. 

    ELPS Review Writing Group

    After convening a series of work groups in 2019, TEA identified a group of experts in language acquisition from Texas institutions of higher education and an education service center to complete recommendations for revisions to the ELPS. Information related to the ELPS review writing group is available on the ELPS Review Writing Group webpage.

        2019 ELPS Review Work Groups

        The SBOE's review and revisions process calls for multiple, separate work groups. The following links include individuals appointed by the SBOE to serve on the ELPS review work groups in 2019 and their drafts.

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