House Bill 3: Industry-Based Certification Reimbursements

TEA recently created FAQs regarding this topic. Please view for more information on this process. 


Texas Education Code (TEC), §48.156 permits the state to provide a one-time reimbursement to districts and open-enrollment charter schools to help defray the cost of IBC exams taken by students in Grades 9-12. Only one reimbursement per student is allowable for a passed exam. LEAs will receive estimated funding annually for IBC exam reimbursement. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) will settle up with LEAs in the spring of the following year once cost and certifying entity information has been collected through the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS).

  • Eligible students are those in Grades 9-12* who took an IBC examination from an approved vendor September-August 31 of the school year.

PEIMS Submissions

LEAs will report in PEIMS the cost of the certification earned and the certifying entity for reimbursement. TEA will reimburse the first certification earned that is reported with an associated cost greater than $0. TEA will not issue a reimbursement if the cost field is entered as $0.

Only one reimbursement per student throughout the student’s Grades 9-12 career will be provided; therefore, LEAs should only report a cost greater than $0 for the certification for which they wish to be reimbursed.

A submission for reimbursement does not guarantee a reimbursement will be received. After receiving all submissions, TEA will validate the data and reconcile funding accordingly. If multiple districts request reimbursement for the same student, the first district who reported the first certification earned with a cost greater than $0 will receive the reimbursement. TEA recommends that LEAs retain all back-up documentation on district policies, decisions, and payments in the event of an audit.

Districts should follow the appropriate reporting window:

District Reporting Table for HB3 IBC Reimbursements
Type of Student If an IBC was earned Then report the IBC in the following TSDS PEIMS Collection:
2021-2022 2022-2023 2023-2024
From To Summer
(Sub 3)
(Sub 1)
(Sub 3)
(Sub 1)

Currently enrolled student or 2022 graduate

September 1, 2021

May 31, 2022





Currently enrolled student or 2022 graduate *

June 1, 2022

August 31, 2022





Currently enrolled student or 2023 graduate

September 1, 2022

May 31, 2023





Currently enrolled student or 2023 graduate *

June 1, 2023

August 31, 2023





IBC Reimbursement Posted

The IBC reimbursement amounts are posted with the TEA Login (TEAL) Accountability application under the HB 3 tab. Users need to ensure they have accountability-level access when attempting to access the report.

Reimbursement codes to identify which students receive a reimbursement.

Code Reason Processing and Validation Notes



First IBC requested for reimbursement for eligible student. If multiple IBCs, highest cost reimbursed.


District-Submitted Record Not Matched

In the district submitted file, the reported IBC record was either not matched or not found in 2019-2020 PEIMS Submission 3


Another District Received Reimbursement

Another district received the reimbursement for the student’s first IBC reimbursement request


Duplicate Request

District received reimbursement for another IBC earned by student


Reimbursement Provided Previous Year

Reimbursement for student was provided in previous fiscal year (Code not used this year)


Reimbursement Not Requested

IBC exam fee was entered as zero or blank


IBC Not Eligible

The IBC was not eligible for reimbursement (i.e., a retired or nonexistent code)


Effective Date Not Eligible

The effective date reported in PEIMS was not within the reimbursement window of September 1, 2019-August 31, 2020.


IBC/Vendor Combination Not Eligible

The IBC and vendor combination did not match the crosswalk and was not eligible. Every IBC has associated and approved vendors listed in the crosswalk.