Career and Technical Education - Accountability

This page provides information about federal, state and local requirements.


The federal requirements for CTE can be found at Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006 - Public Law 109-270 (PDF, 330KB).

See the following links about the Texas State Plan for Career and Technical Education:
State Plan for Career and Technical Education 2008-2013 (PDF, 426KB)
Texas State Plan 2009 Update (PDF, 330KB)
Texas State Plan 2010 Update (PDF, 280KB)
Texas State Plan 2011 Update (PDF, 351KB)
Texas State Plan 2012 Update (PDF, 358KB)
Texas State Plan 2013 Update (PDF, 745KB)
Texas State Plan 2014 Update (PDF, 40KB)
Texas State Plan 2015 Update (PDF, 59KB)
Texas State Plan 2016 Update (PDF, 400KB)
Texas State Plan 2017 Update  


See the following links about the Texas Transition Plan:
Part A: State Plan Narrative (PDF, 213KB)
Texas Definitions Perkins IV (PDF, 35KB)

See the following links about the Texas Consolidated Annual Report (CAR):
CAR Narrative 2008 (PDF, 79KB)
CAR Narrative 2009 (PDF, 160KB)
CAR Narrative 2010 (PDF, 215KB)
CAR Narrative 2011 (PDF, 140KB)
CAR Narrative 2012 (PDF, 123KB)
CAR Narrative 2013 (PDF, 102KB)
CAR Narrative 2014 (PDF, 104KB) 
CAR Narrative 2015 (PDF, 262KB)
CAR Narrative and Data 2016

See the following links about CTE in the US Office for Civil Rights:
Guidelines for Eliminating Discrimination and Denial of Services on the Basis of Race, Color, National Origin, Sex, and Handicap (outside source)
Federal Rules (outside source)

Results of the 2012 Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE) Perkins monitoring visit to the Texas Education Agency can be found at OVAE Perkins Monitoring Report (PDF, 144KB).


College Enrollment and/or Employment Following HS Graduation by CTE Participation
Reports are available that have college enrollment and employment information for Texas public high school graduates, by Career and Technology Education (CTE) participation, enrollment in Texas public colleges, and/or employment in Texas. Reports show enrollment and employment for the fall semester following high school graduation. They are available at the state and school district levels.


This PDF is an example of the 2014-2015 Carl D. Perkins Program Effectiveness Report (PER). When active, the PER form is located in the current Carl D. Perkins grant in eGrants. The PER is the last entry on the Perkins application table of contents page, below the radio buttons, under the heading “eGrant Progress/Compliance/Evaluation Reports". The PER is active during the summer of each grant year:

2017-2018 Carl D Perkins Program Effectiveness Report Sample (PDF)

See below for information on the CTE Program Monitoring and Intervention programs:
Technical Education (CTE) Monitoring
Program Monitoring and Interventions Division

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