TEA Help Desk How To's

Select a quick reference or training video to walk you through the steps of a specific help desk process. You can also visit TEA Help Desk and submit a ticket.

Submitting a Request via TEA Help Desk

TEA Help Desk Quick Reference (for TEA Staff) 

A short, illustrated reference to accessing the help desk used by internal TEA staff, submitting a request, finding Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and tracking your requests.

TEA Help Desk Quick Reference (for TEA Customers)

A short, illustrated reference for TEA customers who access the help desk. Includes steps for submitting a request and finding Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Quick Video: Submitting a Request for Computer Access and Information Technology

View steps used to submit a request for help or for service related to your information technology needs, including getting help with your desktop, email, and printer needs, or requesting access to systems or software.

Quick Video: Submitting a Request for Account Access (TEAL)

View steps used by TEA customers to request help with TEAL account access.

Quick Video: Submitting a Request for Grants

View steps used by TEA customers to submit a question or request for help related to grants issues.

Onboarding & Offboarding Staff via TEA Help Desk

On-Offboarding Quick Reference for Hiring Managers 

A short, illustrated reference with instructions for onboarding and offboarding access for TEA employees and contractors, including preparing, e-signing, and uploading forms to the help desk.

Quick Video: Using TEA Help Desk for On/Offboarding Staff

View steps for hiring managers. Demonstrates finding, completing, and submitting forms via TEA Help Desk to get new staff set up with a computer and access, and for offboarding staff thoroughly on departure.

TEA Help Desk Agent Guide

TEA Help Desk Agent Guide 

A guide for staff who handle responses to questions and requests for assistance within the agency's online help desk. Includes how to access the agent dashboard, view and work tickets, and set up processes for populating canned replies (macros) and FAQs.