Statement from Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath on the Temporary Statewide Closure of Schools


“We fully support the Governor’s decision to temporarily close schools statewide. As we continue to prioritize the health and safety of all communities across Texas, we are working around the clock to ensure that our school districts have the instructional guidance they need so that students can successfully pursue their studies at home. We know many questions remain over how best to do that. 

“TEA has already stood up an Instructional Continuity Task Force. We recognize that not all students have access to computers and Internet at home. With that acknowledged, there are still proven ‘low tech’ solutions (e.g. workbooks, homework packets, phone calls with teachers, etc.), that will allow students to get the instructional support they need during this time outside of the classroom. Our Task Force is working to ensure all school systems have access to the resources they need to support instruction remotely, whether ‘low-tech’ or ‘high-tech.’

“TEA has also stood up a Special Education Task Force, as we help school systems adjust and adapt to supporting students in special education while those students remain at home or otherwise off-site.

“It’s critical that during this time that learning gaps are not exacerbated. Fortunately, Texas parents and school leaders are bringing their usual mix of dedication, innovation, and creativity to the challenges our students currently face.”