Transportation for Students in Hazardous Traffic and High Risk of Violence Areas

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 October 9, 2017


Subject: Transportation for Students in Hazardous Traffic and High Risk of Violence Areas

Senate Bill 195, 85th Texas Legislature expanded hazardous transportation funding (see Texas Education Code (TEC) Sec. 42.255) to include areas within two miles of a campus where students are at high risk for violence when walking to and from school. To be eligible for funding under this provision, districts must adopt a board policy that identifies specific hazardous or high-risk (of violence) areas for which the allocation is requested. In determining these areas, districts should consult with local law enforcement agencies and must obtain law enforcement records that document a high incidence of violent crimes. Please note that if the district will be establishing community walking transportation programs, the board policy must indicate that an adult will supervise children as they walk to school.

For the 2017–2018 school year, hazardous transportation funding for students riding the bus will be calculated at the standard rate for regular transportation services. Funding for “high-risk of violence” walking areas will be calculated at the special education route services rate of $1.08 per mile.

The Foundation School Program (FSP) formulas set forth in Chapter 42 of the TEC will still apply when calculating the state share of FSP funding. Districts whose local share of their Tier I FSP entitlement equals or exceeds the entitlement, or whose hazardous transportation allotment is already at the statutory cap of 10% of the regular program transportation allotment will not be able to realize any additional increase in revenue from the additional mileage.

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Al Mckenzie
Director of State Funding