Texas Home Learning 3.0: Texas College Bridge-Online College Preparatory Courses and Student Advising

Date:  September 24, 2020
Subject: Texas Home Learning 3.0: Texas College Bridge-Online College Preparatory Courses and Student Advising
Category: Informational
Next Steps:  Share with appropriate staff, including curriculum directors, campus administrators, and counselors.


As a component of Texas Home Learning 3.0, the Texas College Bridge program allows students to take online, individualized college preparatory courses in English and/or mathematics and access online college and career supports and tools. 

The disruptions in learning that resulted from COVID-19 increased disparities in college readiness for Texas students. Texas College Bridge provides free options for districts to help 2020-2021 high school seniors become college ready. The optional Texas College Bridge program has two main components: 

  • The free online college readiness curriculum provides optional online, alternative course options for college preparatory math and for college preparatory English, competency-based progression, and dashboards to monitor and adjust student progress. 
  • The free online college and career supports and tools provide student-facing college and career planning tools, activities, trackers, information resources and guides for college and career exploration, as well as training developed specifically for college and career advisors. 

The Texas College Bridge curriculum, college and career supports, and tools can be used for on-campus instruction, remote learning, or as part of a hybrid model. 

To take advantage of Texas College Bridge: 

  1. Complete the interest form at texascollegebridge.org (click on “District”); 
  2. Electronically sign the “participation, data sharing and requirements agreement”; 
  3. Determine the district start date (The next class start date is September 28, 2020); 
  4. Determine the district implementation plan; and 
  5. Complete fall action steps 

Fall Action Steps

Option 3

Option 4

Application/Interest website form submitted by:

Oct 5

Nov 2

Participation, Data Sharing & Requirements Agreement submitted by:

Oct 12

Nov 9

Roster Submission by:

Oct 19

Nov 16

Classes Available to Start:

Oct 26

Nov 30

The Texas College Bridge website provides English and mathematics implementation supports, including local implementation plans; on-demand teacher training; and resources for students, teachers, districts, and IHEs, including an implementation guide, curriculum documents, videos, and case studies. 

Visit the Texas Home Learning 3.0 website or email texashomelearning@tea.texas.gov for additional information on Texas Home Learning 3.0. Visit the Texas College Bridge website or email TexasCollegeBridge@tea.texas.gov for additional information on Texas College Bridge.