Repeal of Community and Student Engagement Ratings

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June 23, 2017


Subject: Repeal of Community and Student Engagement Ratings  

This correspondence is to notify you that reporting requirements for community and student engagement (CaSE) ratings have been repealed by House Bill 22 (85th Texas Legislature, 2017) beginning with the 2017–18 school year.

In the To The Administrator Addressed letter, dated April 18, 2017, districts received detailed information about the CaSE reporting requirements for the 2016–17 through the 2018–19 school years. However, HB 22, which became law on June 15, 2017, repealed Texas Education Code (TEC), §§39.0545 and 39.0546, the statutory requirements for both uses of CaSE ratings. Therefore, this will be the last year that CaSE data will be collected.

Please note, however, that because the Texas Student Data System Public Education Information Management System (TSDS PEIMS) Submission 3 window had already opened when HB 22 became law, the technical requirements of data collection cannot be changed. Therefore, for the 2016–17 school year, each district must still submit ratings of exemplary, recognized, acceptable or unacceptable for itself and each of its campuses for all eight of the CaSE categories. As in previous years, these ratings will be included in the Texas Consolidated School Ratings report to be released in late September 2017.

Additionally, districts and campuses must still report to the agency which three CaSE categories would have been evaluated for 2017–18 accountability and the criteria that would have been used for that evaluation. This data will be collected in the TSDS PEIMS Submission 3. Not providing this information in the TSDS PEIMS Submission 3 will result in a fatal error. The data must be collected, but it will not be used by TEA for any purpose.

Administrative rules governing the CaSE data collection and ratings were amended effective June 8, 2017. A subsequent action to repeal these rules will begin in late summer after all required data have been collected.

The following table shows the updated reporting timelines for both sets of CaSE ratings.


Data Element

Accountability Year

Three chosen CaSE categories for academic accountability along with the evaluation criteria for each district and campus (if a district has not yet posted the final evaluation criteria online, they may submit a website link to the district’s accountability page that contains information about their local CaSE ratings)

TSDS PEIMS Submission 3 (June/July 2017)


CaSE ratings (exemplary, recognized, acceptable, or unacceptable) for all eight categories for districts and campuses


Please submit questions regarding the TSDS PEIMS submission requirements to the TSDS Incident Management System (TIMS), which is available within the TSDS portal.  Please direct questions regarding CaSE reporting requirements to the Performance Reporting Division at (512) 463-9704 or

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