ADSY COVID Staffing Waiver Request for 2021-2022 COVID-Related School Closures

Date:  February 3, 2022
Subject: ADSY COVID Staffing Waiver Request for 2021-2022 COVID-related School Closures
Category: Additional Days School Year (ADSY)
Next Steps:  Submit ADSY Waiver Request form as needed


To ensure campuses planning to utilize Additional Days School Year (ADSY) funding are able to meet the ADSY 180 instructional day requirement in light of current COVID-19 school closures, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) will be granting waivers at the campus level for missed instructional days resulting from COVID-19 due to low numbers of staff necessary for the operation of schools and for the instruction of students.

ADSY COVID Staffing Waiver Request

Local educational agencies (LEAs) who miss instructional days that otherwise would have counted for the ADSY 180-day requirement will be eligible for up to 5 waiver days in the 2021-2022 school year for campuses planning to utilize ADSY funding. LEAs must submit a form to request a waiver for eligible campuses and describe the staff situation with a clear rationale for the need to not provide in-person instruction due to the impact of COVID-19 on campus staff.

Note: This waiver does not waive the operational minute requirement for LEAs. LEAs submitting a request for the ADSY COVID Staffing Waiver must still meet the 75,600 operational minutes requirement for all campuses included in their waiver.

What are the next steps?

LEAs who need to submit an ADSY COVID Staffing Waiver Request should complete and submit this form. LEAs may resubmit the form later in the year in the event of new, unplanned closures due to COVID staffing considerations, for up to five total allotted days per campus. 


Please submit questions about the Additional Days School Year COVID Staffing Waiver Request to