June 9, 2016 SBEC Work Session Agenda




June 9, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.

American Institutes for Research (AIR), 4700 Mueller Blvd.,

Conference Center #108

The Board will meet in open session and discuss the following agenda items. 

I.        Call to Order 

II.        Welcome and Overview

This item is a discussion of the purpose of the SBEC work session and its statutory requirement in preparing educators.

III.        Discussion of the Role of Educator Preparation Programs

This item provides the SBEC with an opportunity to discuss the role of educator preparation programs in relation to the SBEC mission and guiding principles.

IV.        Discussion of the Educator Preparation Program Experience

This item provides the SBEC with an opportunity to discuss the educator preparation program experience through traditional and alternative preparation program pathways under current SBEC rules.

 V.        Presentation and Discussion of Snapshot of Texas Teachers

This item is a discussion of the current data related to Texas teachers.

VI.        Presentation and Discussion of National Preparation Trends

Jenny DeMonte, Ph.D., American Institutes for Research, will present data and research on national educator preparation program trends.

VII.        Discussion of Educator Preparation Issues

This item is a discussion of credentialing and certification, candidate support, and Texas Education Agency (TEA) staff recommendations for potential rule changes concerning Texas educator preparation programs for the SBEC’s consideration.

VIII.        Adjournment