19 TAC Chapter 230

Professional Educator Preparation and Certification

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Subchapter A. General Provisions

§230.1. Definitions

§230.3. Purpose

Subchapter B. General Certification Requirements

§230.11. General Requirements

§230.13. Standard Certificate Requirements

Subchapter C. Assessment of Educators

§230.21. Educator Assessment
§230.23. Testing Accommodations for Persons with Dyslexia
§230.25. Test Exemptions for Persons with a Hearing Impairment

Subchapter D. Types and Classes of Certificates Issued

§230.31. Types of Certificates
§230.33. Classes of Certificates
§230.35. Development, Approval, Implementation, and Evaluation of Teacher Certification Standard
§230.36. Intern Certificates
§230.37. Probationary Certificates
§230.41. Visiting International Teacher Certificates

Subchapter E. Educational Aide Certificate

§230.51. Policy
§230.53. Procedures in General
§230.55. Certification Requirements for Educational Aide I
§230.57. Certification Requirements for Educational Aide II
§230.59. Certification Requirements for Educational Aide III
§230.61. Role Descriptions
§230.63. Validity Period of Educational Aide Certificates
§230.65. Requirements for Reissuance of Educational Aide Certificates

Subchapter F. Permits

§230.71. General Provisions
§230.73. Validity of Emergency Permits
§230.75. General Eligibility Requirements for Emergency Permits
§230.77. Specific Requirements for Initial Emergency Permits
§230.79. Procedures for Activation of Initial Emergency Permits
§230.81. Renewal Requirements and Procedures
§230.83. Nonrenewable Permits
§230.85. Emergency Certificates

Subchapter G. Certificate Issuance Procedures

§230.91. Procedures in General
§230.93. Candidates of Approved Educator Preparation Programs
§230.97. Effective Dates of Certificates and Permit Issuance
§230.99. Fees for Certification Services
§230.101. Schedule of Fees for Certification Services
§230.103. E-Pay Supplemental Fee
§230.104. Correcting a Certificate or Permit Issued in Error
§230.105. Issuance of Additional Certificates Based on Examination
§230.107. Requests to Relinquish a Texas Certificate

Subchapter H. Texas Educator Certificates Based on Certification and College Credentials from Other States or Territories of the United States

§230.111. General Provisions
§230.113. Requirements for Texas Certificates Based on Certification from Other States or Territories of the United States
§230.115. Requests for Evaluation of College Credentials
§230.117. Application Procedures