Special Education Due Process Hearings 2022

This page contains special education due process hearing decisions issued in 2022 in cases filed by a parent or school district.

Docket # Petitioner Respondent Decision Date Hearing Officer Keywords
090-SE-0121 Student Harmony Public Schools 1/3/2022 Steve Elliot FAPE, IEP, Related Services
249-SE-0821 Student Lamar CISD 1/10/2022 Kimberlee Kovach Child Find, IEP, Related Services, Supplementary Services, Procedural Safeguards
257-SE-0821 Student IDEA Public Schools 1/14/2022 Brenda Rudd FAPE, IEP, LRE, Related Services
218-SE-0721 Student Pearland ISD 2/4/2022 Stacy May FAPE, IEP, BIP, Autism
016-SE-0921 Student Allen ISD 2/7/2022 Kimberlee Kovach FAPE, Child Find, Parental Participation, COVID
029-SE-0921 Student Pearland ISD 2/7/2022 Jessica Witte MSJ
031-SE-0921 Student Spring Branch ISD 2/11/2022 Steve Elliot LRE, Private Placement
111-SE-1221 Student Lewisville ISD 2/14/2022 Kimberlee Kovach Child Find, MDR, Procedural Safeguards
219-SE-0721 Student Pearland ISD 2/20/2022 Brenda Rudd Child Find, Evaluation, FAPE, Parental Participation
230-SE-0721 Student Conroe ISD 2/22/2022 Kathryn Lewis FAPE, IEP, BIP, LRE, Autism, SLD
122-SE-0122 Student Katy ISD 2/25/2022 Jessica Witte Manifestation Determination Review
048-SE-1021 Student Katy ISD 3/2/2022 Ian Spechler MSJ
013-SE-0921 Student Conroe ISD 3/18/2022 Ian Spechler FAPE, LRE, IEP, ESY
134-SE-0122 Student Ysleta ISD 3/21/2022 Kimberlee Kovach BIP, MDR, Change of Placement
151-SE-0222 Student North East ISD 4/1/2022 Sandra Lowe MDR, ADHD, Child Find
063-SE-1121 Student Beaumont ISD 5/6/2022 Kasey White FAPE, Autism, Private Placement
205-SE-0422 Student Clear Creek ISD 5/19/2022 Ian Spechler Manifestation Determination Review, MDR, IEP
252-SE-0821 Student Hays CISD 5/31/2022 Kathryn Lewis Child Find, FAPE, Prior Written Notice, Eligibility
258-SE-0821 Student Lewisville ISD 8/1/2022 Jessica Witte FAPE, LRE, Covid-19
263-SE-0821 Student Keller ISD 8/5/2022 Kathryn Lewis ARD, Evaluation, Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), FAPE, LRE, IEE, and IEP
027-SE-0921 Student Tomball ISD 8/17/2022 Steve Elliot FAPE, Compensatory Ed., Private Placement and Transition
302-SE-0722 Student Henderson ISD 9/19/2022 Deborah McElvaney FAPE, IEE, MDR, Eligibility
219-SE-0422 Student Clear Creek ISD 10/13/2022 Ian Spechler FAPE, BIP, LRE, Predetermination
226-SE-0422 Student Clear Creek ISD 11/22/2022 Kathryn Lewis FAPE, IEP
167-SE-0222 Student Hooks ISD 12/2/2022 Deborah McElvaney Dyslexia, Child Find, FIE
168-SE-0222 Student Hooks ISD 12/29/2022 Deborah McElvaney Dyslexia, Child Find, FIE, IEP

Due Process Program Questions: Brittney Salaiz