Special Education Due Process Hearings 2021

This page contains special education due process hearing decisions issued in 2021 in cases filed by a parent or school district.

Docket # Petitioner Respondent Decision Date Hearing Officer Keywords
167-SE-0120 Student Floresville ISD 1/4/2021 Kathryn Lewis Child Find, FAPE 
173-SE-0220 Student North East ISD 1/8/2021 Steve Elliot Behavior, FAPE, IEP, Placement, Reimbursement
206-SE-0220 Student Leander ISD 1/13/2021 Yvonne Patton Dyslexia, Evaluation, FAPE, LRE
157-SE-0120 Student Denison ISD 2/5/2021 Ian Spechler FAPE, IEP
163-SE-0120 Student Normangee ISD 2/3/2021 Sandy Lowe Eligibility, FAPE, Parent Participation
317-SE-0820 Student Hutto ISD 3/18/2021 Stacy May Dyslexia, Extended School Year, FAPE, IEP, Private Placement
336-SE-0820 Student Comal ISD 3/19/2021 Brenda Rudd Evaluation, FAPE, IEP, LRE, Training
289-SE-0620 Student Inspire Academies and The Hays County Juvenile Detention Center 3/26/2021 Kathryn Lewis Juvenile Justice Facilities, Motion to Dismiss
380-SE-0719 Student Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD 4/12/2021 Kimberlee Kovach Behavior, FAPE, IEP, Placement
255-SE-0420 Student Katy ISD 4/15/2021 Steve Elliot Child Find, FAPE, Dyslexia, IEP, LRE, Procedural Safeguards
318-SE-0820 Student Hutto ISD 4/16/2021 Stacy May Dyslexia, FAPE, IEP, LRE
033-SE-1020 Student Killeen ISD 4/19/2021 Ian Spechler Comp. Ed., Dyslexia, FAPE, IEP, Transition
234-SE-0320 Student Rockwall ISD 5/17/2021 Kathryn Lewis Bullying/Harassment, Child Find, Consent, FAPE
046-SE-1120 Student Frisco ISD 6/2/2021 Brenda Rudd ADHD, Bullying, FAPE, IEP
027-SE-1020 Student East Central ISD 6/9/2021 Kimberlee Kovach Dyslexia, Evaluation/Reevaluation, FAPE, IEE, IEP, LRE
008-SE-0920 Student Copperas Cove ISD 6/18/2021 Deborah McElvaney FAPE, IEP, LRE Parental Placement, Reimbursement, Transition
218-SE-0320 Student Weslaco ISD 6/21/2021 Yvonne Patton Child Find, Evaluation/Reevaluation, FAPE, IEE
017-SE-0920 Student Childress ISD 6/23/2021 Deborah McElvaney Child Find, FAPE, Procedural Safeguards
084-SE-0121 Student Allen ISD 6/30/2021 Brenda Rudd Evaluation, FAPE, IEP, Parent Participation
209-SE-0220 Student Leander ISD 7/19/2021 Ian Spechler Child Find, FAPE, Reimbursement
204-SE-0621 Student Klein ISD 9/3/2021 Kathryn Lewis FERPA, Manifestation Determination Review, Placement, Procedural Safeguards
236-SE-0821 Student Sharyland ISD 9/9/2021 Jessica Witte Discipline
108-SE-0221 Student Pearland ISD 9/27/2021 Steve Elliot Dyslexia, FAPE, IEP, Parent Participation
181-SE-0521 Student Coppell ISD 9/30/2021 Kathryn Lewis FAPE, IEE, IEP
009-SE-0921 Student North Zulch ISD 10/25/2021 Yvonne Patton FAPE, Functional Behavioral Assessment, IEP Implementation, Manifestation Determination Review
195-SE-0521 Student Lamar CISD 11/1/2021 Jessica Witte FAPE, IEP, LRE, Procedural Safeguards
162-SE-0421 Student Pearland ISD 11/5/2021 Stacy May FAPE, IEP, Dyslexia, Procedural Safeguards
280-SE-0620 Student Killeen ISD 11/15/2021 Ian Spechler FAPE, IEP, Dyslexia, Evaluation/Reevaluation, Parent Participation
255-SE-0821 Student Magnolia ISD 11/16/2021 Stacy May MSJ, Settlement, FAPE, IEP
175-SE-0521 Student Sharyland ISD 11/17/2021 Jessica Witte Child Find, FAPE, Emotional Disturbance, IEP, Evaluation
047-SE-1021 Student Rockwall ISD 11/18/2021 Jessica Witte MSJ, Sufficiency
176-SE-0521 Student Highland Park ISD 11/30/2021 Ian Spechler FAPE, IEP, Dyslexia, LRE
243-SE-0821 Student Friendswood ISD 12/3/2021 Yvonne Patton FAPE, IEP, Parental Private Placement, LRE, BIP
197-SE-0521 Student Lamar CISD 12/3/2021 Kathryn Lewis FAPE, IEP, Procedural Safeguards, Parental Participation
228-SE-0721 Student Dallas ISD 12/11/2021 Brenda Rudd MTD
231-SE-0721 Student Conroe ISD 12/15/2021 Stacy May FAPE, IEP, LRE, BIP
217-SE-0621 Student Frisco ISD 12/23/2021 Brenda Rudd FAPE, Autism, IEP, BIP

Due Process Program Questions: Brittney Salaiz