Special Education Due Process Hearings 2017

This page contains special education due process hearing decisions issued in 2017 in cases filed by a parent or school district.

Docket #



Decision Date

Hearing Officer


009-SE-0916 Student Huntsville ISD 1/13/2017 Bunton FAPE, IEP, LRE
056-SE-1116 Student Round Rock ISD 1/31/2017 Cloninger Procedural Safeguards
316-SE-0716 Student Quinlan ISD 3/7/2017 Cloninger Behavior, Evaluation/Reevaluation, FAPE, IEP, LRE, Placement
016-SE-0916 Student Abilene ISD 3/14/2017 Broyles Behavior, Evaluation/Reevaluation, FAPE, IEP, Residential Placement
223-SE-0416 Student Leander ISD 3/27/2017 Broyles Child Find
072-SE-1116 Student Clear Creek ISD 4/7/2017 Egan Evaluation/Reevaluation, FAPE, IEE, IEP
062-SE-1116 Student Georgetown ISD 4/10/2017 Lockwood Evaluation/Reevaluation, FAPE, IEP, Parental Placement, Placement
069-SE-1116 Student Uplift Education 4/21/2017 Lockwood Assistive Tech, Behavior, FAPE, IEP, Methodology, Related Services
030-SE-1016 Student Cedar Hill ISD 4/24/2017 Bunton FAPE, IEE, IEP, Related Services
183-SE-0417 Klein ISD Student 5/10/2017 Bunton Discipline, Placement
286-SE-0616 Student Killeen ISD 5/23/2017 Cloninger Behavior, Child Find, Eligibility, FAPE, IEP
098-SE-0117 Student North East ISD 6/30/2017 Egan Child Find
101-SE-0117 Student Copperas Cove ISD 6/30/2017 Cloninger Child Find, Evaluation/Reevaluation, FAPE, IEE, IEP, Procedural Safeguards
092-SE-1216 Student Riesel ISD 7/6/2017 Wetsch Assistive Tech, Behavior, Eligibility, FAPE, IEP, LRE, Prior Written Notice (PWN)
179-SE-0317 Student Clear Creek ISD 7/7/2017 Egan Assistive Tech, FAPE, IEP, LRE
156-SE-0317 Student Lancaster ISD 7/7/2017 Broyles Behavior, Eligibility, FAPE, IEE, IEP, LRE, Prior Written Notice (PWN)
001-SE-0916 Student North East ISD 7/13/2017 Berger Behavior, FAPE, IEP
014-SE-0916 Student Killeen ISD 7/15/2017 Wetsch Assistive Tech, Behavior, FAPE, IEE, IEP, LRE, Parental Placement, Procedural Safeguards, Prior Written Notice (PWN)
157-SE-0317 Student Lubbock-Cooper ISD 7/31/2017 Wetsch Eligibility, FAPE, IEP, LRE, Prior Written Notice (PWN)
117-SE-0217 Student Pearland ISD 8/1/2017 Berger Assistive Tech, Behavior, Child Find, Evaluation/Reevaluation, FAPE, IEP, LRE, Parental Placement, Prior Written Notice (PWN)
195-SE-0417 Student Port Arthur ISD 8/15/2017 Lockwood FAPE, IEP, Placement, Statute of Limitation
224-SE-0517 Student Smithville ISD 8/18/2017 Elliot Behavior, Discipline
158-SE-0317 Student Lubbock-Cooper ISD 8/25/2017 Wetsch FAPE, IEP, LRE, Prior Written Notice (PWN)
223-SE-0517 Student El Paso ISD 9/25/2017 Berger Behavior, FAPE, IEP
099-SE-0117 Student Northside ISD 10/4/2017 Lockwood ARD, Assistive Tech, Extended School Year (ESY), FAPE, IEP, Methodology, Transfer Students
250-SE-0617 Student Argyle ISD 10/12/2017 Berger FAPE, IEP, LRE
248-SE-0617 Student Houston ISD 10/24/2017 Bunton Child Find, Parental Placement, Statute of Limitations
218-SE-0517 Student Northside ISD 10/27/2017 Lockwood Behavior, FAPE, IEP, Parent Participation, Residential Placement
009-SE-0917 Student Riesel ISD 10/30/2017 Berger Discipline
027-SE-1017 Student Conroe ISD 11/15/2017 Bunton Discipline
214-SE-0517 Student Vernon ISD 11/17/2017 Lockwood Discipline, Eligibility, IEE, IEP
208-SE-0517 Student Spring Branch ISD 12/6/2017 Elliot Extended School Year (ESY), FAPE, Parental Placement, Reimbursement
249-SE-0617 Student Pearland ISD 12/8/2017 Bunton Child Find, IEP, Parental Placement, Placement, Procedural Safeguards, Reimbursement, Statute of Limitation
Due Process Program Questions: Brittney Salaiz