Special Education Due Process Hearings 2015

This page contains special education due process hearing decisions issued in 2015 in cases filed by a parent or school district.

Docket #



Decision Date

Hearing Officer


010-SE-0915 Student Edinburg CISD 12/10/2015 Rubinett Evaluation/Reevaluation, Related Services, Stay Put
011-SE-0914 Student West Orange Cove CISD 2/4/2015 Ramage Eligibility, FAPE, IEE, IEP
015-SE-0914 Student Grapevine-Colleyville ISD 1/19/2015 Lockwood Eligibility, FAPE, IEE
028-SE-0914 Student Canyon ISD 2/20/2015 Lockwood Behavior, Bullying/Harassment, FAPE, IEP, LRE
032-SE-0914 Student Robstown ISD 8/5/2015 Qualtrough Eligibility
047-SE-1014 Student  San Antonio ISD  5/15/2015 Lockwood Child Find, Eligibility, Evaluation/Reevaluation, FAPE, Placement
050-SE-1014 Student Lamar CISD 3/9/2015 Rudd FAPE, IEP, Related Services, Transportation
052-SE-1014 Student Dallas ISD 5/6/2015 Rubinett Child Find, Comp Ed, FAPE, Placement, Reimbursement
107-SE-1214 Student Lewisville ISD 6/5/2015 Bunton Evaluation/Reevaluation, FAPE
111-SE-1214 Student Clear Creek ISD 3/25/2015 Lockwood Evaluation/Reevaluation, IEE
117-SE-1214 Student Dallas ISD 3/31/2015 Broyles Eligibility, FAPE, IEE, Parent Participation, Procedural Safeguards, Prior Written Notice (PWN)
133-SE-0115 Killeen ISD Student 2/26/2015 Carmichael Evaluation, IEE
139-SE-0115 Student Brazos River Charter School 3/4/2015 Rudd Child Find, Evaluation, Statute of Limitation
145-SE-0115 Student Aransas Pass ISD 3/2/2015 Bunton Eligibility, FAPE
163-SE-0215 Student Galveston ISD 7/7/2015 Lockwood Child Find, FAPE, LRE, Residential Placement
167-SE-0215 Student San Antonio ISD 8/17/2015 Broyles Behavior, FAPE, IEP
200-SE-0315 Student Hardin-Jefferson ISD 7/31/2015 Lockwood Child Find, Evaluation/Reevaluation, FAPE, Statute of Limitation
206-SE-0414 Student Clear Creek ISD 2/20/2015 Cloninger Child Find, FAPE, IEE
209-SE-0414 Student Lewisville ISD 5/22/2015 Bunton FAPE, IEP, Related Services
227-SE-0414 Student Texas School for the Deaf 8/28/2015 Bennett Eligibility, FAPE, IEE, IEP, Parent Participation
229-SE-0415 Spring Branch ISD Student 5/26/2015 Carmichael Consent, Evaluation/Reevaluation
231-SE-0415 Student Edinburg CISD 10/5/2015 Wetsch Eligibility
238-SE-0415 Student Edinburg CISD 8/10/2015 Bunton Accommodations
243-SE-0415 Student Killeen ISD 9/14/2015 Wilkov Behavior, Evaluation/Reevaluation, FAPE, IEP, Parental Placement
257-SE-0515 Student Grand Prairie ISD 6/16/2015 Lockwood Jurisdiction
265-SE-0515 Flour Bluff ISD Student 11/4/2015 Cloninger Evaluation/Reevaluation, IEE
282-SE-0515 Student North East ISD 10/9/2015 Bunton Behavior, Discipline, Placement
287-SE-0515 Student Alamo Heights ISD 12/29/2015 Rudd Child Find, Evaluation/Reevaluation, FAPE, IEP
304-SE-0814 Student Lewisville ISD 6/22/2015 Broyles Eligibility, Evaluation/Reevaluation, IEE, IEP, Parental Placement
322-SE-0615 Student Desoto ISD 11/7/2015 Lockwood Extended School Year (ESY), FAPE, LRE, Parent Participation, Placement, Procedural Safeguards, Prior Written Notice (PWN), Reimbursement
335-SE-0715 Student Tomball ISD 10/29/2015 Cloninger FAPE, LRE, Parent Participation, Placement
346-SE-0715 Student Spring Branch ISD 10/16/2015 Rudd ARD, FAPE, IEP, Parent Participation, Parental Placement
Due Process Program Questions: Brittney Salaiz