Board of Managers

What is a Board of Managers?

The education commissioner may appoint a board of managers if a school district or charter school fails to satisfy accreditation criteria, academic performance standards, or financial accountability standards, on the basis of a special accreditation investigation, or governance issues.  

A board of managers temporarily replaces the current elected board of trustees and exercises all powers and duties assigned to trustees to oversee the management of the school district.

TAC  §97.1073. Appointment of Monitor, Conservator, or Board of Managers

(e) The commissioner may appoint a board of managers under TEC §§39A.004, 39A.006, 39A.102, 39A.107, 39A.111, 39A.256, or 12.116(d)(1), as applicable, when:

  1. sanctions under subsection (b) or (c) of this section have been ineffective to achieve the purposes identified in §97.1057 of this title (relating to Interventions and Sanctions; Lowered Rating or Accreditation Status);
  2. the commissioner has initiated proceedings to close or annex the district;
  3. the commissioner has initiated proceedings to close a campus, and such intervention is needed to cease operations of the campus;
  4. such intervention is needed to prevent substantial or imminent harm to the welfare of the district's students or to the public interest;
  5. a board of managers is needed to ensure and oversee district-level support to low-performing campuses and the implementation of the updated targeted improvement plan;
  6. the district has a campus that is subject to TEC §39A.111, and the commissioner does not order the closure of the campus;
  7. deficiencies identified in a special accreditation investigation warrant the appointment of a board of managers; or
  8. a failure in governance results in an inability to carry out the powers and duties of the board of trustees as outlined in TEC §11.151 and §11.1511.

        What is the job of a member of a board of managers?

         TEC§ 39A.201. General Powers and Duties of Board of Managers

         TEC § 39A.202. Board of Managers School District 

        What is the process for appointing a board of managers?

        When the need for a board of managers is established, a call for applicants is made within the respective community. A joint workshop is hosted by the Regional ESC in collaboration with TEA to present on the role and duties of the board of managers. Once the application window has closed, applications are screened and interviews are conducted. Candidates are provided a board orientation and Lone Star Governance training.  Once training is complete, a list of finalists is presented to the commissioner of education for final review and approval.