2019 Accountability Rating System

The 2019 accountability ratings and reports will be available on this page as they are released.


The 2019 Accountability Manual is now available. The accountability manual describes the 2019 accountability system and explains how accountability ratings are assigned and distinction designations are awarded.

The 2019 Accountability Administrator’s Guide briefly explains how the accountability system is used to evaluate the academic performance of Texas public schools.

A–F Resources showcases helpful multimedia resources for the A–F accountability system.

2019 Accountability Development Materials includes all materials provided to the advisory groups that met from October 2018 through February 2019 to develop recommendations for 2019 state accountability, summaries of those meetings, the final recommendations submitted to the commissioner of education, and the commissioner's final decisions regarding 2019 accountability.

Overview of the 2019 State Accountability System (one page) gives an overview of the structure of the accountability system for 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions answers questions that are commonly asked about the 2019 accountability system.

Performance Reporting has developed a scaling tool to assist with the conversion of raw domain and component scores to scaled scores.

The A–F Estimator provides users with a way to calculate and estimate 2019 performance in each domain and overall. The estimator prepopulates domain and component values with 2018 results. Users can enter predicted 2019 component values to estimate the corresponding 2019 domain and overall results. The accuracy and validity of the estimation is based solely on the data input by the user.  

2019 Campus Comparison Groups lists campuses in the comparison group for every campus in Texas.

Alternative Education Accountability (AEA)

2019 Final AEA Campuses lists the AECs that will be evaluated under AEA provisions in 2019. (April 26, 2019)

2019 Final AEA Charter Schools lists the charter schools that will be evaluated under AEA provisions in 2019. (April 26, 2019)