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Together, we are committed to high expectations and strong systems that achieve equitable outcomes for every student with a disability.

Review and Support

The Division of Review and Support (R&S) is a unit housed in the TEA Office of Special Populations and Monitoring. The primary responsibilities of the R&S division are: (1) to monitor LEAs related to Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), special populations and federal and state statutes using a risk assessment index and holistic student-centered practices; and (2) to provide targeted technical assistance and support for LEAs related to special education and special populations. The R&S team monitoring activities are conducted to meet the general supervision and monitoring requirements as outlined in IDEA (34 CFR § 300.149)


Texas Continuous Improvement Process

The State of Texas incorporates the SPP in the blueprint for the Texas Continuous Improvement Process (TCIP). The requirements of IDEA related to the development of the SPP and the accompanying APR correlate directly with the State's philosophy to build a system which encompasses data-driven, evidence-based improvement efforts inclusive of stakeholder needs and input. The State's general supervision system demonstrates how this philosophy guides the State in its efforts to improve results for students with disabilities.


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Support and Customer Service

For continued support and customer service, Review and Support will provide resources, trending topics and webinars to increase timely access to relevant content regarding IDEA and special populations monitoring.


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