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The Texas Education Agency supports Grow Your Own programs throughout the state as part of the TEA Strategic Plan 2017–2021 (PDF 2,215 KB), set forth by Commissioner Mike Morath. The programs aim to elevate the teaching profession in Texas by developing high-quality Education and Training courses at the high school level and by creating teacher pipelines to increase the pool and diversity of Texas’ future classroom leaders.

TCLAS Decision 4 (Cycle 5 GYO Grant) Information

Grants Awarded

Grow Your Own grant

The Grow Your Own Grant Program competitively awards state funds to applicants designing solutions that address several challenges Texas currently faces in terms of recruiting and retaining teacher candidates to the field.

Grow Your Own Cycle 6 application now available on the TEA Grant Opportunities webpage.

General Resources

Grow Your Own Curriculum

The Texas CTE Resource Center provides research-based and field-based curriculum and toolkits for the implementation of strong Education and Training courses and coherent course sequences.

Education and Training Student Marketing Posters

Education and Training Student Marketing Flyers

Grow Your Own tech assistance

The following resources are available for campuses designing, founding, and expanding strong, sustainable Grow Your Own programs.

Grow Your Own more information

Additional resources are available to learn more about student organizations, program effectiveness, and program needs.

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