Technology Applications

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The Curriculum Standards and Student Support Division provides direction and leadership for the state’s public school technology applications programs for kindergarten through grade 12. The Enrichment Education staff facilitate various technology applications statewide initiatives, including implementation of the technology applications Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and assistance to the TEA Division of Instructional Materials and Educational Technology (IMET) with the adoption process for technology applications instructional materials.


Curriculum Standards

The TEKS for technology applications can be found at the following link:

Technology Applications Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills 19 TAC Chapter 126

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The following documents are provided as a reference for technology applications educators:

Educator Standards for Technology Applications, including Computer Science (PDF, 805KB)

Teacher Certification Assignment Chart (PDF, 407 KB)

Technology Applications Guidelines for Prekindergarten (updated 2015) (PDF, 589KB)