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Technical Assistance: Behavior Supports and Guidance for Students with Disabilities, Updated October 2022. Texas Education Agency.

Technical Assistance: Behavior Supports and Guidance for Students with Disabilities
(Updated October 2022)

Asistencia técnica: Apoyos y orientación en materia de comportamiento para estudiantes con discapacidades (PDF) - Spanish version of Technical Assistance: Behavior Supports and Guidance for Students with Disabilities (Updated October 2022)

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Literacy for All in Person or Virtual FREE Training - 12 CPEs

Math for All in Person or Virtual FREE Training - 9 CPEs

Asynchronous Literacy and Math for ALL Training

Literacy for ALL asynchronous courses available through tealearn.com

Many students in grades 4-12 lack proficiency in foundational reading skills. This is the reason many older students cannot comprehend text. This session addresses the needs of those students. This asynchronous training will address the science of teaching reading and include an overview of what skills need to be mastered to become a proficient reader, how the brain learns to read and, the characteristics of dyslexia and dysgraphia. It will also address how a student’s learning abilities associated with reading can impact a student’s ability to read and what instruction and accommodations can remove the barriers of learning.

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Math for ALL Asynchronous Courses through tealearn.com

Through hands-on activities, participants will explore how learning abilities associated with disabilities, including dyslexia and disorders related to dyslexia, impact the learning of whole number addition and subtraction. In this session, participants will build knowledge and understanding of how instructional supports, including the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Guidelines along with assistive technology, can be used to accommodate and reduce the impact of a disability.

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Office of Special Populations and Student Supports

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