Test Administration Resources

General information to support test administration activities for the Texas Assessment Program is provided below.

Testing Calendars

The links below open the Student Assessment testing calendars.  For other key dates in each administration, refer to the Calendar of Events.  

Test Security

Maintaining the security and confidentiality of the Texas Assessment Program is critical for ensuring fair and equal testing opportunities for all Texas students. Given the many uses of student performance data and the need to assure educators, parents, students, and the public that test results are meaningful and valid, it is imperative that all individuals participating in the Texas Assessment Program preserve the integrity of test content and student data through strict adherence to the instructions and procedures contained in the test administration materials. Refer to the Test Security section of the District and Campus Coordinator Resources for detailed information, including test security oaths. 


Most trainings for the Texas Assessment Program may be found within the Learning Management System. The Student Assessment Division coordinates with the Technology Alliance for Statewide Initiatives (formerly the Texas Education Telecommunications Network) to present webinars on timely topics throughout the school year. Specific presentations provided by assessments staff are linked below. 

2023 Texas Assessment Conference Presentations

Educator Guides

Educator guides are documents designed to familiarize Texas educators with a specific testing program or process.  

Test Administration Manuals

The District and Campus Coordinator Resources (DCCR), a collection of webpages, are published at the beginning of each school year and provide the information necessary for district and campus testing coordinators to prepare, administer, and complete the assessments within the Texas Assessment Program.  

Test administrator manuals explain the responsibilities of test administrators. Test administration information documents supplement the manuals for specific test administrations. 

Updating Local Educational Agency Contact Information

TEA and Cambium must maintain accurate information about the name, email and mailing address of the superintendent and district testing coordinator, as well as the current shipping address for delivery of testing materials. For specific directions to update names, emails, shipping or mailing addresses, refer to the following:

  • For school districts for which the name, email, or mailing address of your superintendent or district testing coordinator has changed, please submit that change to TEA's AskTED (Texas Education Directory) database through your district's AskTED administrator. For help with AskTED, please call (512) 475-3523 or visit the AskTED website.
  •  If you are a school district and have a change to the shipping address, your AskTED coordinator can make this update through TEAL. Make sure to use the physical address where all testing materials are received, not the mailing address where normal correspondence is sent unless they happen to be the same address. This change cannot be made over the phone or by email.
  •  If you are an open-enrollment charter school for which the name, email, shipping or mailing address of your chief administrative officer or district testing coordinator has changed, please contact the Charter School Division at (512) 463-9575.