Grow Your Own

What is Grow Your Own? 

Grow Your Own (GYO) supports LEAs to intentionally build strong, stable, and diverse teacher pipelines from within their own communities through two distinct pathways. GYO aims to address teacher shortages in hard-to-staff areas, close demographic gaps between students and teachers, and build interest in the teaching profession among high school students.  


The Grow Your Own Grant Program competitively awards state funds to applicants to implement GYO as an essential part of a long-term talent management strategy.  

GYO Pathways

The grant addresses two potential approaches, or Pathways: (1) support for Education and Training program implementation in high schools and (2) transition of candidates such as paraprofessionals, instructional aides, and long-term substitutes to full-time teaching roles. 

High School Education & Training 

This pathway aims to build interest in teaching among high school students, develop their foundational knowledge and skills of teaching, attract diverse and highly skilled teachers to lead Education & Training programs, and implement high-quality Education & Training courses. In addition, when offered as dual credit with a high standard of curriculum, the Education & Training courses further incentivize students to pursue education as a career. 

Degree/Certification Candidates

This pathway aims to support the transition of paraprofessionals, instructional aides, and long-term substitutes to full-time, certified teacher roles. The approach is intended to facilitate increased entry of diverse individuals into the teaching profession and to promote better long-term recruitment and retention by targeting already proven and dedicated staff who desire opportunities for advancement.