2023 Accountability Development Materials

The design of A–F reflects a commitment to recognize high student achievement and recognize the impact of highly effective educators on student progress, while maintaining focus on the students most in need. As schools begin the hard work of recovery after disrupted learning during COVID-19, now is the time to refocus on goals that directly address post-pandemic student needs. A refresh of the accountability system will also allow Texas to leverage lessons learned over the last five years to improve the rigor, transparency, and fairness of the accountability system, while maintaining a design with ratings based on defined criteria rather than a fixed distribution, that allows all districts and schools in the state the opportunity to earn an A. 

The refresh in 2022–23 is based on more than two years of feedback from stakeholders. As part of the continuous improvement process, the agency has consulted with stakeholders on enhancements to the accountability system. The enhancements described in the A–F framework are designed to provide parents, community members, and educators with the data essential to drive improved outcomes for all Texas children.

*The issuance of 2023 A–F ratings under the final 2023 rule is pending and subject to change based on judicial rulings or decisions from the 88th Legislature during a special called session.

2022 What If Reports

For more details, please see the TAA sent Tuesday, November 7, 2023.

2023 Accountability Manual

Please see the 2023 Accountability Manual webpage.  For more details, please see the TAA sent Monday, October 31, 2023

A-F Refresh District Communications Toolkit

To support districts in communicating with their School Boards and other stakeholders about the A–F refresh, TEA has compiled the following resources:

A–F Refresh Deep Dive Webinar

•    A–F Refresh Deep Dive Webinar Recording (May 2023) is a 90-minute webinar including details of the proposed 2023 A–F Accountability Refresh changes.  It also provides a more technical deep dive into the Student Achievement, School Progress, and Closing the Gaps domains in the refreshed 2023 A–F academic accountability system.  

Preliminary 2023 Academic Accountability System Resources

Resources with information about the raw scores and scale scores associated with the calculation of Academic Growth. 

Resources with information about the updated framework.

The 2023 Accountability Manual was published as rule. 

Updated Preliminary 2023 Academic Accountability System Resources

(Published January 2023)

Resources with information about the updated framework are now available. 

The 2023 Accountability Manual was published as rule.

Preliminary 2023 Academic Accountability System Framework

(Published June 2022)

Updated Preliminary 2023 Academic Accountability System Framework

(Published November 2022) 

Resources with information about the updated framework are now available. 

The 2023 Accountability Manual is published as rule.

    Meetings of TAAG

    TAAG is comprised of representatives from school districts, legislative offices, and the business community, to identify issues critical to the accountability system and makes recommendations/provides feedback on major policy issues. The committee's recommendations/feedback are sent to the commissioner of education who makes the final decisions on the accountability system. 

    TEA shares TAAG materials to increase transparency and the availability of public information regarding the development of the 2023 accountability system and TAAG is focused on providing feedback on proposals that are part of A-F refresh.  TAAG proposals may be used to surface new ideas and get feedback from committee members. Some of these proposals may have already been rejected or updated since the discussion. Finalized methodologies was published with the release of the 2023 Accountability Manual.

    September 19, 2023, Meeting of TAAG

    June 2023, Meeting of TAAG

    March 29, 2023, Meeting of TAAG

    January 18, 2023, Meeting of TAAG

    November 16, 2022, Meeting of TAAG

    October 19, 2022, Meeting of TAAG

    October 7, 2022, Meeting of TAAG

    September 29, 2022, Meeting of TAAG

    Meetings of ATAC & APAC

    Previously, the Texas Education Agency convened two advisory groups, the Accountability Technical Advisory Committee (ATAC) and the Accountability Policy Advisory Committee (APAC), to develop key provisions of the state academic accountability system. These groups were instrumental in the establishment of the current accountability system and are central to its continued development and implementation. These two groups have combined to form the Texas Accountability Advisory Group (TAAG), which is a standing committee for the purpose of working with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) in matters related to the academic state and federal accountability systems.   

    February 8–9, 2022, Meeting of ATAC & APAC

    October 27–28, 2021, Meeting of ATAC & APAC