Community and University Partnerships-Student Success Initiative


The Vision of the Community Partnerships initiative is to support significant improvements in educational and developmental outcomes for children in a feeder pattern of schools by providing access to great schools in supported and supportive communities.


Consistent with the General Appropriations Act, 87th Legislature, Texas Education Agency Rider 42 Student Success Initiative, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) shall award grants to schools with high percentages of students who do not perform satisfactorily on relevant state assessments, and that serve the most struggling neighborhoods, as determined by the Commissioner, to implement a comprehensive support program that increases the number of students performing on grade level by leveraging academic, community, and governmental supports. The Commissioner shall prioritize issuing awards based on applications that demonstrate a commitment to improved outcomes on clear performance measures.

What are Community Partnerships?

The ultimate goal is build community strength and provide families in a feeder pattern with effective schools and access to high-quality coordinated programs for social service, health, and academic support. TEA has identified four systems of practices for turning around struggling schools and communities.

I. Diagnosing and Aligning the Initiative Across a Feeder Pattern
II. Effective Schools and Academic Programs Improvements
III. Purposely Engaging Families in Grades PreK-12
IV. Engaging Strong and Intentional Partnerships

Additional Resources

Community Partnerships Program Details (PDF, 438KB)

Community Tool Box (Enter Access Key: ABC123)