Charter School Applicants

Several types of charter schools operate in the state of Texas. State-authorized charter schools include Open-Enrollment Subchapter D, Subchapter E, and Mission Specific. District-authorized Subchapter C Charter Schools also operate in Texas, and information can be found on our Campus Charters page.

Generation 28 Charter Proposals

The following Generation 28 applicants have been proposed for award by the commissioner of education. All applicants will appear before the State Board of Education at the June meeting. The SBOE meeting deliberations and the applicants' capacity interviews may be live-streamed at the AdminMonitor website

Open-Enrollment Charters Proposed

Proposed School Name Sponsoring Entity Grades Served Proposed Location

Celebrate Dyslexia School

Celebrate Dyslexia Schools 2–6 San Antonio

Heritage Classical Academy

Heritage Ed.



NextGen Innovation Academy

NextGen Global Leadership Academies



The Village Speech and Debate Academy

The Village Speech and Debate Academy


Fort Worth

UP Excellence Academy

UP Excellence Academy, Inc.