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TEA has proudly earned the 2024 Best Place for Working Parents Business Designation! Best Place for Working Parents 2024


TEA is more than an acronym, it’s the agency helping to deliver a high-quality education to more than 5 million students across the state of Texas. At TEA, our staff is improving outcomes for all public-school students in the state by providing leadership, guidance, and support to school systems.

A bright future awaits you at TEA!

Our goal at TEA is to ensure every child is prepared for success in college, a career, or the military. We’re dedicated to the growth and development of each student. As a TEA employee, you will be a part of a team focused on: recruiting, supporting, and retaining teachers and principals; building a foundation of reading and math; connecting high school to career and college; and improving low-performing schools.

TEA Core Values

Candidates for roles at TEA exemplify our core values:

TEA Core Values: Determined, Learners, People-Centered, Servant Leaders
  • Determined 
    We are committed and intentional in the pursuit of our main purpose, to improve outcomes for students.
  • People-Centered 
    We strive to attract, develop, and retain the most committed talent, representing the diversity of Texas, each contributing to our common vision for students.
  • Learners 
    We seek evidence, reflect on success and failure, and try new approaches in the pursuit of excellence for our students.
  • Servant Leaders 
    Above all else, we are public servants working to improve opportunities for students and provide support to those who serve them.

Are you ready to scale your impact? 

We strongly believe in high-quality education for all children. If you have the knowledge, commitment, passion, and innovative mindset to support our mission, there’s a place for you at TEA!

Together, we create access to a high-quality education for more than 5 million students across the state of Texas. Want to be a part of the work? Find your team.

Explore Our Teams

To learn more about our Organizational Leadership and Offices at TEA, please visit our Deputy Commissioners of Education page.

Employee Testimonials

What compelled you to accept an offer with TEA?

“The ideas and mission specifically of the division I will be in are very much in line with my own beliefs about the importance of high-quality materials.”

“I selected TEA's mission as the biggest factor in my decision which I believe is true, but I also wanted to name the hiring manager and interview process were excellent.”

“I decided to accept the position based on the opportunity it would give me to continue to have an impact on the academic and behavior needs of students with disabilities.”

“I believe there will be many opportunities for professional growth and development, while still being able to contribute to a mission that I am passionate about.”

“I want to help students continue to get a quality education no matter what demographic they come from.”

“I liked the people I met during the interviews, and I found the technical questions and exercises interesting and stimulating, which confirmed my interest in the position.”

“In my experience working with TEA while at my previous state agency, the staff were professional and always took initiative to maintain compliance.  In working with over 80 agencies and institutions of higher education, TEA was one of the best as far as compliance and professionalism.  It is an honor to be part of this team of professionals.”

“Throughout the interview process, I really enjoyed meeting who would be a part of my new team and our shared vision. I knew I had to be a part of this team championing for improvement to Texas public education!”

“From the beginning my hiring manager was transparent and answered my questions. I felt there was an authenticity to his approach, and we would be able to leverage building our relationship on that.”

“I got a great vibe from the interview team and my supervisor. They seemed very open to growth mindset and expanding my skills on the job. They all also seemed very passionate about data and the impact on Texas teachers and students.”

“I was not satisfied with my role on a campus level.  The opportunity to impact those who lead 5.5 million kids led my decision to accept an offer.”

“I am looking forward to the opportunity to positively impact student assessment across the state.”

“My original reason for accepting the position was to learn more about working for a larger agency, and to improve my knowledge and skills of working with the state.”

“I was excited about the opportunity to challenge myself with a new type of work and continue to grow professionally within my field.”

“I decided to accept because I would have the opportunity to learn quickly and there is a clear growth trajectory.”

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TEA has proudly earned the 2024 Best Place for Working Parents® Business Designation!

Best Place for Working Parents 2024
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