Test Approval

You must be approved to register for tests.

Pre-Admission Content Testing

You may attempt Pre-Admission Content Tests (PACT) to demonstrate content mastery if you have never been admitted to a Texas-approved Educator Preparation Program (EPP) and you hold a bachelor’s degree or greater from an accredited university.

Candidates in Educator Preparation Programs

You must be approved by your EPP to test.

Additional Certification by Exam

If you hold a valid Texas classroom teaching certificate and a bachelor's degree you may add classroom certification areas by successfully completing the appropriate test.

Out-of-State and Out-of-Country Testing

If you hold teaching credentials from another state or country you must apply for a review of credentials for testing approval.

Charter School Testing

Charter schools may require their teachers to demonstrate content mastery in their assignments. Sign up for your content exam with the appropriate testing vendor. Beginning January 27, 2020 candidates must take the appropriate new content certification examination that corresponds with each certificate area. You will need a TEA ID number to register as a charter school candidate.