STAAR Aggregate Data

STAAR aggregate data for all Texas students who participated in statewide test administrations can be found in the Research Portal. Data in the portal includes all students tested regardless of their PEIMS snapshot enrollment status.

In the Research Portal, users can analyze and compare assessment results across multiple administrations and across regions, districts, and campuses. Reports for each STAAR administration can be generated to analyze the results by different student groups and demographic categories. Reports can be downloaded as CSV files and ingested for use with statistical packages such as SAS and SPSS. Depending on the number of organizations and variables selected, the CSV files may take time to download.

NOTE: STAAR aggregate data for 2024 will be available in the Research Portal on August 31, 2024. Aggregate data files like the ones below will no longer be produced.

Aggregate Data Files

STAAR aggregate data files for 2018–2023 are provided below as zipped SAS data files and comma delimited text files. Please note that the number of variables in these files is too great to import into Microsoft Access or some versions of Microsoft Excel without significant truncation.

Variables, Formats, and Descriptions

The links in the table below open files with information on the variables used by the STAAR Aggregate Data System.  The variable naming schemes are available as an Excel or text file for each year.