EMAT Training

EMAT training is required for all new instructional materials (IM) coordinators before access can be granted (Texas Administrative Code §66.107), and annual review of the training is recommended for all IM coordinators.

Districts maintain local training records and must document proof of completion for each user. One option for documentation is the EMAT Training Certification Form (PDF). Districts may use this document as the basis for creating their own local form or may choose a different documentation method.

EMAT Access

EMAT allows for two kinds of users: ordering and view only. Each district is allowed up to three users for each type of access.

This means up to three staff members can have ordering access, which allows them to submit requisitions and disbursement requests through EMAT. A district should appoint a primary EMAT ordering contact and a backup (or two if needed).

Up to three additional staff members can have view-only access, which allows them to view orders and reports in EMAT. (This role is often assigned to a curriculum director or the business manager.)

Get Started with EMAT

  1. Complete the EMAT video training on this page prior to applying for EMAT access. This training is required for all new coordinators. 
  2. Certify completion according to your local district's instructions and documentation requirements.
  3. Apply for EMAT access online through the TEA Login (TEAL) page. For more information, read the EMAT Access Prerequisites FAQ.  
  4. Superintendents are contacted automatically via email for EMAT requests pending approval. EMAT access requests through TEAL expire after five days if no action is taken. 

EMAT Training Videos

IM coordinators must view all EMAT training videos before access is granted. After completing this requirement, certify completion according to your local district's instructions. Then the district will process the TEAL application.

The training videos are updated annually. TEA strongly recommends that all instructional materials coordinators review them every year to maintain the most current understanding of the ordering process for state-adopted materials, accessible instructional materials, and allotment funds. 


Program Requisition



Component Requisition



Disbursement Request Overview


Instructional Materials Disbursement Requests  


Technological Equipment Disbursement Requests  


Technology Services Disbursement Requests  


Overage Funds from Allotment Disbursements and Freight 

Overage Funds Process FAQs


Accessible Instructional Materials Introduction and Basic Information  


Accessible Instructional Materials Ordering in EMAT


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