State Board for Educator Certification

The State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) was created by the Texas Legislature in 1995 to recognize public school educators as professionals and grant educators the authority to govern the standards of their profession. The board oversees all aspects of the preparation, certification, and standards of conduct of public school educators.

The 15 SBEC members include 11 voting members appointed by the governor to six-year terms: four classroom teachers, one counselor, two administrators, and four citizens. Four non-voting members also serve on the board: the governor appoints a dean of a college of education and a person who has experience working for and knowledge of an alternative educator preparation program, the Commissioner of Education appoints a staff member of the Texas Education Agency, and the Commissioner of Higher Education appoints a staff member of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Board Meetings

The SBEC is required to meet at least once per quarter of the calendar year. Meetings are normally held in the William B. Travis State Office Building, which houses the Texas Education Agency, at 1701 North Congress Ave. in Austin, Texas.

Current Meeting

The next SBEC meetings will be held on July 19, 2024. Visit the SBEC Meetings page for agendas, public testimony registration, and archived meeting agendas.

Meeting Webcasts

The TEA provides meeting webcasts for people interested in watching from a computer or device.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes are available from past SBEC meetings. 

    SBEC Resources

    SBEC Operating Policies and Procedures
    SBEC Operating Procedures outline the board's powers and duties, establish procedural rules, set standards of conduct for board members, and define the responsibilities of the board and TEA staff.

    SBEC Principles
    This page describes core principles and goals SBEC has established to meet their mission.

    Contact Information

    For educator certification (any questions related to educator certificates and renewals, TEAL account access, name changes, address updates), educator testing, educator preparation programs or fingerprinting questions please call (512) 936-8400. 

    For questions regarding the State Board for Educator Certification meetings, please call (512) 936-9831.


    Contact Information

    Educator Certification
    Monday - Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm Central Time
    Phone: (512) 936-8400 local
    Phone Options:
    Option 1-TEAL Support
    Option 2-Educator Certifications
    Option 3-Fingerprinting
    Option 4-Highly Qualified
    Option 5-Educator Preparation Programs
    Option 6-Investigations
    Option 8-General Office Information