House Bill 1605 and IMRA

The new Instructional Materials Review and Approval (IMRA) process replaces the former State Board of Education (SBOE) Proclamation and the Texas Resource Review (TRR) processes. IMRA was enacted under House Bill (HB) 1605 (88th Texas Legislature, Regular Session, 2023) and brings new components to a single, SBOE-governed review of instructional materials. The first reviews conducted under the process this year will evaluate English and Spanish language arts and reading products for grades K–5 (including phonics products in grades K–3) and mathematics products for grades K–12.  

Following the review of instructional materials, SBOE will vote in November 2024 to add materials to a list of approved instructional materials. Any instructional materials added to that list will be eligible for the new funding entitlements outlined in HB 1605. For school systems, this means access to an additional $540 million in instructional materials formula funding, on top of the funds already allocated via the Instructional Materials & Technology Allotment (IMTA).


Review and Approval Process NOW OPEN

HB 1605 HQIM & IMRA Review Process & Timeline

HB 1605 OER Materials IMRA Process


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IMRA Cycle 2024

IMRA Cycle 24 includes full-subject, tier-one instructional materials for K–5 English and Spanish language arts and reading and K–12 mathematics and partial-subject, tier-one instructional materials for K–3 English and Spanish phonics. These documents relate to this review cycle:

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IMRA Timeline for Implementation


The timeline outlines the roadmap the SBOE plans to follow in order to implement the IMRA process. For approved materials to be available for use in classrooms during the 2025–26 school year, SBOE must meet certain milestones by November 2024. Please note that dates with an asterisk (*) are tentative and may change. 


June 2023

SBOE held a work session discussing the background and implementation timeline associated with HB 1605. This timeline will impact when new funds will be available for school systems to use when purchasing SBOE-approved materials.

View the work session presentation.

September 2023

SBOE discussed the overall IMRA process and approach to the quality rubric design.

View the recording of the SBOE meeting.


November 2023

SBOE began the discussion of IMRA criteria process and related rules.

December 2023

SBOE will continue the discussion of IMRA criteria process and related rules.


January–February 2024


SBOE approved quality rubrics for Cycle 2024, a suitability rubric, IMRA process, and new administrative rules.

April 2024


SBOE continued the rulemaking process for the next batch of administrative rules that will govern the list of approved instructional materials.

The SBOE also discussed the considerations for determining the next set of quality rubrics for IMRA Cycle 2025.


May–August 2024

First set of submitted instructional materials are reviewed by teams in the IMRA process.

Instructional materials are available to the public for review and feedback on the SBOE website.

June 2024


The SBOE held a public hearing on any and all materials under consideration.

September 2024*


SBOE will review the reviewer reports and all public feedback. Public testimony on any and all materials under consideration will take place during the SBOE meeting. 

November 2024*


SBOE will vote and decide to place reviewed instructional materials either on the approved or rejected list or take no action.


December 2024*

IMRA reports will be available for districts to compare reviewed instructional materials.


March 2025

SBOE-approved instructional materials will be available in the EMAT system for district requisition.

July 2025

New instructional materials are shipped. Districts conduct professional development to orient teachers to the new materials.


August 2025

Districts that purchased new instructional materials will begin implementation in classrooms.


To provide feedback on the instructional materials under review, please submit a public comment by clicking the button below.

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For questions regarding HB 1605, HQIM, IMRA and OER, please submit a ticket to the Instructional Materials Help Desk.