TEA Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is a five-year planning document required every two years that contains the agency's mission, philosophy, goals, objectives, and strategies. It is the agency's plan that documents what we intend to achieve with the funding we receive for public education.

Strategic Priorities

The TEA works to improve outcomes for all public school students in the state by providing leadership, guidance, and support to school systems, working towards the vision that every child in Texas is an independent thinker and graduates prepared for success in college, a career, or the military, and as an engaged, productive citizen. To achieve this vision for public education in Texas, the Agency has outlined specific strategic priorities to guide and focus our work on behalf of the more than five million school children in our State. 

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Current Strategic Plan and Customer Satisfaction Survey

Fiscal Years 2019-2023

2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey (PDF) 

TEA Strategic Plan 2019-2023 (PDF, 1,705 KB)

2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey (PDF, 763 KB)

Previous Strategic Plans and Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Fiscal Years 2017-2021

2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey (PDF) 

TEA Strategic Plan 2017-2021 (PDF, 1,735 KB)

2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey (PDF, 763 KB)

Fiscal Years 2015-2019 

TEA Strategic Plan 2015-2019 (PDF)

2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey (PDF, 802 KB)

Fiscal Years 2013-2017

TEA Strategic Plan 2013-2015 (PDF, 1.48 MB)

2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey (PDF, 735 KB)

Fiscal Years 2011-2015

TEA Strategic Plan 2011-2015 (PDF, 2.2 MB)

2010 Customer Satisfaction Survey (PDF, 905 KB)