Jan-Feb 2017 Information

1. State Board of Education Operating Rules, Amended April 17, 2015

2. Registration Form for Public Testimony at State Board of Education Meetings

3. Current Status of the Permanent School Fund

4. Annual Report of the Division of Financial Compliance

This item provides the board with an annual review of the work accomplished by the division responsible for state financial reviews. The report describes the division’s organization and legal responsibilities, deviations from the 2015-2016 audit plan, and the status of reports on the division's reviews.

5. 2013-2017 Rule Review Plan for State Board of Education Rules

This item outlines the rule review plan for State Board of Education (SBOE) rules during the period of September 2013 through August 2017. Texas Government Code, §2001.039, requires an ongoing four-year rule review of existing state agency rules, including SBOE rules. The rule review requirement is designed to ensure that the reason for initially adopting or readopting a rule continues to exist.