To The Administrator Addressed Correspondence

9/19/2013Availability of Reasoning Mind’s math system for Texas districtsStandards and Programs
9/18/2013Texas Student Data System (TSDS) Transition and Implementation PlanStatewide Education Data Systems (SEDS)
9/18/2013Required RF Tracker Data Collection for LEA’s with Residential Care and Treatment Facilities within Their Geographic Boundaries and/or JurisdictionProgram Monitoring & Interventions
9/17/2013Significant Expansion of Enrollment-2013-2014: Applies to Open-Enrollment Charter SchoolsDivision of Grants Administration
9/16/2013Texas Schools’ Role in the Event of HurricanesCommissioner of Education
9/13/20132013 Final FIRST RatingsOffice of School Finance
9/12/2013Waiver Request to U. S. Department of Education Extension of Period of Availability of Fiscal Year 2011 Section 1003(g) FundsAccreditation and School Improvement
9/11/2013Bilingual Education Exceptions/Waivers for English as a Second Language(1)Standards and Programs
9/11/2013Procedures for the start of the day (09-11-2013)Commissioner's Of
9/9/2013Texas Department of State Health Services Launches School-Focused Asbestos Campaign and Website: Simple Asbestos ManagementFacilities Standards
9/6/2013Tuition Limits under the TEC, §25.0031State Funding
8/30/2013TTAA IDEA-B MOE Action Plan - August 30, 2013Division of Grants Administration
8/30/2013Project Share - August 30, 2013Standards and Programs
8/29/2013Graduation Requirements for 2013-2014 SeniorsCommissioner of Education
8/27/2013New Statutory Requirements for Adoption of Major Curriculum InitiativesCommissioner of Education
8/20/2013Instructional Materials Allotment – High Enrollment Growth Application (Aug. 20, 2013)Standards and Programs
8/19/2013Texas STaR Charts and ePlan Timelines (Aug. 19, 2013)Division of Instructional Materials and Education Technology
8/16/2013Eligibility to Apply for 2014-2015 Public Charter School Program Start-Up Grant FundingAccreditation and School Improvement
8/15/2013Information for Districts and Campuses Identified for Interventions in the 2013 State Accountability Rating SystemAccreditation and School Improvement
8/13/2013Admission, Enrollment, and WithdrawalDivision of Legal Services
8/13/2013Attendance, Admission, Enrollment Records, and TuitionDivision of Legal Services
8/12/2013Waiver granted to NCLB carryover limitationGrants Administration
8/9/2013Implementation of Title I School Improvement Program Interventions for 2013-2014Accreditation
8/7/2013New Research Report Concerning Secondary School Completion and Dropouts(1)
8/2/2013Currently Proposed Commissioner Rules Affecting the Texas Assessment Program
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