To The Administrator Addressed Correspondence

2/28/2013TEKS Certification for the 2013-2014 Instructional Materials AllotmentStandards and Programs
2/25/2013Early College High School (ECHS) DesignationCurriculum Division
2/22/2013TSDS Unique ID System Training and Required TEAL AccessStatewise Education Data Systems
2/22/20132012-2013 interventions staging information for Data Validation Monitoring (DVM)-Student AssessmentProgram Monitoring and Interventions
2/19/2013Standards and Mechanics for Removing SES Providers from the State-Approved ListSchool Improvement & Support
2/13/2013Depository Contract for Independent School DistrictsSchool Finance
2/12/2013Texas Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (T-STEM) DesignationStandards and Programs
2/6/2013Request for Application # 701-13-103 2012-2013 Preschool Transition Education TrainingDivision of Federal and State Education Policy
2/5/2013Request for Application # 701-13-107 2013-2014 Texas 21st Century Community Learning Centers Cycle 8, Year 1Standards and Programs
2/5/20132012-2013 Maximum Entitlements—Special Education Consolidated Grant ApplicationDivision of Grants Administration
2/4/2013American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) Section 1512 Quarterly Reporting Continuous Corrections Period(2)Office for Grants and Federal Fiscal Compliance
2/4/2013Assignment of district accreditation statuses for the 2012-2013 school yearAccreditation & School Improvement
2/1/2013Instructional Materials State Review Panel MembersStandards and Programs
1/31/2013Special Charter School Report of Students Enrolled and Students with Disabilities Receiving Special Education Services through Public LawDivision of Grants Administration
1/29/2013Survey of Texas Teachers Who Recently Graduated from EPPs Across the StateEducator Leadership and Quality
1/22/20132012-2013 Data Validation Monitoring DVM-Discipline StagingProgram Monitoring and Interventions
1/11/20132012-2013 Carl D Perkins ReallocationsGrants Administration
1/10/2013PEG (Public Education Grant) List for 2013-14Division of Performance Reporting
1/7/2013Rural and Low Income School Program Reallocations and CarryoverDivision of Grants Administration
12/21/2012Request for Application # 701-13-104 2013-2014 Public Charter School Start-Up GrantAccreditation and School Improvement
12/19/2012Change to Automobile Mileage Reimbursement RateOffice of the Chief Grants Administrator
12/17/2012Review of Emergency Operation PlansCommissioner of Education
12/12/2012Substitute System of Federal Time-and-Effort Reporting for Employees Supported by Multiple Cost ObjectivesOffice of the Chief Grants Administrator
12/5/2012Required use of the Texas Student Data System (TSDS) Unique ID SystemStatewide Education Data Systems
12/3/2012American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) Section 1512 Quarterly Reports Due January 5, 2013Office for Grants and Federal Fiscal Compliance
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